100% Mesquite

El Fogonero is made from 100% Mesquite charcoal. Our production of charcoal comes from ranches located in the northern region of Mexico, known for its mesquite charcoal, usually from the states of Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas and Coahuila.

El Fogonero is ideal for grilling. Our 100% Mesquite charcoal makes the fire stronger, lasting longer, and remaining hotter.

EL Fogonero 100% Mesquite Charcoal VS Charcoal Briquettes
  • Our 100% mesquite Charcoal is made directly from the mesquite tree.
  • Charcoal briquettes are made by compressing charcoal, typically made from particles of wood and other wood by-products with a binder (usually starch) and other additives.
  • EL Fogonero 100% mesquite usually produce far less ash than briquettes
  • EL Fogonero 100% mesquite charcoal will turn into a red or intense orange color when lit and will take longer to consume than compressed briquettes.
  • El Fogonero 100% Mesquite charcoal does not contain any nasty additives. Like most of the compressed briquettes do.

All of this together will definitely enhance the flavor of your favorite grilling, and the natural wood will provide a delightful aroma to your food.

With El Fogonero, you can be sure that you are using natural fuel in your grilling and that no undesired waste material or additives are making their way to your food.



PALLETS 6 X 7 = 42

Case UPC 8-41612-00003-9
Unit UPC 8-41612-00002-2
Case dimensions L-15.5 X W-21.5 X H-14.5
Case Weight 40 lbs
Pallet Weight 1600 lbs
Individual units per package 4
Packages per layer 6 / Layers per pallet 7
Truck load 24 pallets

Total packages per truck 3,840 (6,048 units)

Facts about Mesquite

Known by many as the honey mesquite tree, or by its botanical name, prosopis glandulosa. Grows in the northern region of Mexico and Southern region of the United States.

Many ranchers consider the tree a nuisance because it competes with rangeland grasses for moisture.

Eradicating mesquite is difficult because the plant's bud regeneration zone can extend down to 6 inches below ground level. Unlike other trees, Mesquite trees grow quickly and can regenerate from a piece of root left in the soil.

Cooking with mesquite became popular in the mid-1980s since it burns slowly and releases heat and a rich scent that permeates grilled food. As a result, many restaurants advertise a menu that includes mesquite grilled steaks, chicken, and fish.

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