100% mesquite charcoal

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100% mesquite

El Fogonero was founded over fifteen years ago, on one simple but sure principle - the best barbecue requires balance. A perfect barbecue displays the full flavor of the meat, spices, and smoke without any taste overpowering another. Accomplishing this balance requires top-quality local meats, superior spices and sauces, and the simplest and best cooking fuel: charcoal.

With this founding principle, El Fogonero released two types of charcoal - briquettes and lumps.


Mesquite Briquettes and Lumps

Charcoal has more potential energy than raw wood because of its high carbon content. This means that it can burn hotter, longer, more consistently, and cleaner than wood.

When it comes to charcoal, you have two choices - Briquettes or Lumps?

Below, we compare and contrast the pros and cons of each to help you decide which to use when.


Is charcoal at its most basic that is basically wood that has been partially burned to basics, through a process called carbonization,

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are compressed sawdust that is carbonized and converted into a single uniform shape. While briquettes are often known to contain fillers

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Where We Sell

El Fogonero Mesquite Charcoal products are sold across the United States and in Mexico. We sell ourproducts to both wholesalers and retailers. We have a network of distributors and stockists in both countries so that you can access our products easily.

As an end consumer, you can find our mesquite charcoal products at your nearest retail stores.